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Saturday, April 21, 2018

John's 49th Birthday Celebration

It's been two months since my husband's birthday.  I was teasing him that in  another year, he will be a "golden guy".  Time flies and as we aged, we realized so many things.  First, we started noticing that  there are so many things that we can normally do easily when we were younger that it's getting harder and harder to do as we age.  Physically, our bodies become weaker and  less agile.  We do however become wiser right?  
My husband  gets frustrated sometimes because he can no longer  do things that he easily did when he was younger.  That's  one negative aspect of aging but it is always important to note that those younger years helped us  grow of what we are now.
But as he aged, he realized he have more patience.  He said, he used to be short-fused but now he is not, he is more understanding.  He always put himself to other peoples predicament and not judge.  He said, a lot of what he is now are rooted from his experience though all these years that he's been in the military.  Dealing with different kinds of people from different walks of life really formed his understanding of different situations. 
I always tell my kids how lucky they are to have a Dad like their father.  He always make sure that our kids are having fun and make sure that  they have what they need. 
On his birthday, mother nature  decided top dumped snow on us.   The first bowling lane we went to  was not operating that day so we went to the one in downtown area.  We did not want the snow to  ruin our plan of having fun.
Anyway, it was better on that bowling lane anyway. 
We love going to the bowling lane.  I wish we can do it more often but I am glad we do it on special occasions.
Overall, we  had a lot of fun on his birthday.  Traditional birthday cake is not on our book so we always get something that  the celebrant likes.  In my husband's case, he love cheesecake so that's what we got on his birthday.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Birthday Gifts for Our Little Man

I was looking at my children's   younger photos  through my old posts and it  it kind of make me sad a little bit.  I miss those  years when simple activities makes them so happy.  As they grow older, we find it a little challenging to find activities that they really do enjoy.  I wish I could  stop the time  so they would stay  young but I can't.  I am happy though of how they are becoming as individuals.  
Our son turned 11 last month and I can't help but be sad and  happy at the same time.  He is definitely growing up .  With our two children,  our son is the most expressive when it comes to  how he feels towards us.  I know that our daughter loves us as much as our son loves us but she  kind of keeps  her feelings to herself.  
Anyway, on his birthday, we took  both of them to Flight Trampoline Park.  We asked him what he wants for his birthday and this is what he wanted.  After our day of fun in Pennsylvania, we came home and  had some  pizza and  he opened his gifts.
He was very emotional after  opening his gifts and reading his sister's message to him  on the birthday card that she made  for him.  He gave each of us lots of hugs.  He is the sweetest kid I know.
You can tell  in his eyes that he cried, his siter was giggling when she saw him  crying lol.
I ordered him this  personalized mugs with a special dedication to his eleventh birthday.  Included in it are some chocolates.
He loved the  cars that we got  him.  He has a collection of cars but they are small, so he was very happy of these bigger ones.  I found them  online.  My plan was to buy eleven of them of  they cost too much lol.  I only bought the Lamborghini Veneno, McLaren P1, Yellow - Kinsmart 5393D - 1/36 Scale Diecast Model Toy Car, and the New style 1:32 Bugatti Veyron Alloy Diecast car model collection light and sound in red.  HIs sister also got him a  collectible car.
His Ate made him this card and he loved it.
Here's a video of him opening the gifts.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Christmas 2017 at Home

My kids are now aware that Santa  is  Mom and Dad but they are still  excited to open their gifts.  They were both  have cold   last Christmas so they stayed up a little late compared to the previous years.  I decided to  take a video of them .  

We always let our Jack Russell Terrier open  their gift first.  Our other dog, Bolt is scared so Champ always do the honor to do it.  We got him this  rope that is suppose to last long but our JRT broke it in less than 10 minutes lol.
My kids left me some hints on my desk on what they want for Christmas so it was easy to buy the gifts.  Books are number one on their list, then  they have their favorite snacks and games.  Friends  also gave them some  gifts so they got busy as soon as they woke up.  I woke up around 1 am that day and couldn't go back to sleep so I just got down in the kitchen and cooked some food

Overall, it was a nice Christmas for all of us.  My husband got me a  new camera and I love it.  Since he is trying to get back in shape, we ordered the Bowflex Max Trainer  for us to use, well, mostly for him.  I hope that we can both achieve our  fitness goal this year.  We want to be healthy and strong as a family so we included fitness in our weekly routine of schedules.

Friday, December 22, 2017

How to Dress When You Are Petite

Are you finding it more and more difficult to find apparel that you look good in because you are so short? If you were handed the short straw in the height department don’t fret, there is help for you. While there is nothing wrong with being a petite person, most of the fashions are designed on tall models. The wrong type of clothing on you could backfire make you appear even shorter. First thing that you need to remember is that you are not alone in your struggle. 

There are many people just like you who desire to look just a bit taller. Just because you are a shorter person does not mean that you cannot have style. There are so many short people like you out that someone developed a set of guidelines that can be followed to help you find your style in your short state of being. 

According to an article, If you want to appear taller you need to wear the right types of clothes. The idea is to give the illusion of height without actually growing (which you can’t anymore if you are a adult). 

For example, if you want to look taller you need follow these guidelines: 

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Remembering Our Veterans

This post has been  sitting in my draft folder  since August but I did not have the courage to post  it but since  Veteran's day is coming up, I am now publishing it.  After  my father-in-law died  in March,  we lost another  beloved veteran in our family.

We might not  be related by blood but he certainly was a huge part of my little family.  Don and his wife Ruth were there  for us especially my kids  ever since we bought our first home in Park Avenue.  Don died  of  brain cancer.  He was diagnosed earlier this year and passed away in August.  He was a great man, he was like a true  grandpa to my kids and a father to me.  We loved him dearly.  He was a Vietnam veteran
The Fancher's have always been there  celebrating especial events and milestones of our kids.  Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, and  even on ordinary days, they were always around.  He was our  constant companion in our regular walks during the summer.  It was a  huge shocked to us because he  was the most active guy we knew around the neighborhood.  A very social man who was a friend to everybody.
Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, outdoor and nature
We had so many great memories with him and his wife.  There are two families that we are so close with when we still live in Park Avenue, we were always  together every time, my kids have events or special occasion.  He taught my kids so many things like  doing handstand, climbing up on their  shed roof, eating edible  grass, biking, and  so on and so forth.  I can  write a book if I list everything but yes, he will be surely missed. 
Image may contain: 6 peopleImage may contain: 5 people
This was the last time we all got together. These were taken in January of this year. We hosted a little birthday celebration for our son at our new home.

 The song below  is dedicated to all the men and women in uniform who are currently serving and for all of those who sacrificed a lot to serve our country. 

This post is  dedicated to all  the veterans, my husband included, his late  Dad and Uncle (WW2 veterans), our late neighbor Don,  and to all who served.  Thank you for your services and your sacrifices.